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It's About Beauty. It's About Choice.

​Since Alside introduced the first low-maintenance residential siding in 1947, they’ve been raising the bar on appearance and performance. From energy efficient vinyl siding to the decorative accents that create custom style, the ideal home should be a welcoming space . . . uniquely revealed in the spirit of you.

Vinyl Siding Features

Beauty That Endures, Thanks to Uncompromising Quality Alside siding is made from a proprietary compound developed by engineers for uncompromising performance. Each ingredient contributes in a unique way to its beauty, durability and lasting quality.
Pure Strength Vinyl Resin Vinyl Siding by Chattanooga's Window Works & Exteriors
PureStrength™ vinyl resin is the main ingredient in Alside vinyl siding. It provides strength and weather resistance while preventing moisture infiltration, even in extreme weather. Panels won’t rot, warp, shrink or swell. Maintenance is minimal and value is preserved.
Ti-Shield Titanium Dioxide Siding - Chattanooga's Window Works & Exteriors
Ti-Shield™ titanium dioxide prevents ultraviolet degradation, so even the hot summer sun won’t damage your siding’s beautiful surface.
StayRight Vinyl Stabilizers Vinyl Siding by Chattanooga's Window Works & Exteriors
StayRight™ vinyl stabilizers help to prevent heat degradation during the manufacturing process and after installation.
TrueShield Impact Modifiers - Window Works & Exteriors of Chattanooga
TrueShield™ impact modifiers provide exceptional impact resistance, helping your siding resist dents and dings from routine around-the-house activities.
Pigment Concentrates Window Works & Exteriors of Chattanooga
DesignersChoice™ pigment concentrates produce uniform colors that go clear through the panel. The colors can’t wash away because they are part of the siding itself.
Chromatrue Color matching system for siding and windows at Window Works & Exteriors of Chattanooga
ChromaTrue® is a weatherable polymer which provides superior fade resistance and better performance on darker colors.
Prodigy Insulated Siding Installed and Serviced by Window Works of Chattanooga

Prodigy Insulated Siding

One-Piece Insulated Siding System
  • Integrated 1½” thick EPS rigid foam insulation (nominal) helps reduce utility costs and reinforces the siding
  • Secure interlocking panel design provides a tight fit with no insulation gaps
  • Fully rolled over nail hem securely anchors panels to the wall
  • A Perm Rating of 5 allows moisture to escape and not get trapped inside
  • High density insulation minimizes outdoor noise
  • Insulation is treated with a nontoxic additive that discourages pests from nesting behind the siding
  • 16’8″ extended length panel design does not require face nailing or caulking
  • Backed by a lifetime limited, transferable warranty – including fade and hail protection.  See warranty for complete details
Odyssey Plus Vinyl Siding by Window Works & Exteriors of Chattanooga

Odyssey Plus

Horizontal Siding
  • Premium .044″ panel thickness without the premium price (nominal)
  • SecureLock advanced nail hem for superior rigidity
  • Extra strong rolled over nail hem
  • Choose from 24 popular colors
Chattanooga's Charter Oak Vinyl Siding Installation Contractors Window Works & Exteriors of Chattanooga

Charter Oak

Oak Energy Elite Insulated Siding

  • .046″ premium panel thickness (nominal) 
  • Alside’s flagship siding product, combines authentic wood beauty with unmatched durability, performance and maintenance freedom
  • Exclusive TriBeam® design gives Charter Oak superior strength
  • Charter Oak is up to five times more rigid than the competition
  • Charter Oak siding has been independently tested to withstand Category 5 hurricane-force winds
Chattanooga's Alliance T4 Premium Vinyl Soffit Systems by Window Works of Chattanooga

Alliance T4 Premium Vinyl Soffit

  • Vented panels have an “outward weave” design for maximum visual appeal
  • Available in V-grove grain and smooth profiles
  • Traditional 4″ exposure width
Chattanooga's Charter Oak Vinyl Soffit Installation Contractors Window Works & Exteriors of Chattanooga

Charter Oak Soffit

  • Exclusive TriBeam® System provides unsurpassed panel rigidity and superior wind resistance
  • In independent tests, Charter Oak proved to be as much as five times more rigid than other competitive soffit panels
  • Charter Oak Soffit is so rigid that it can be used as vertical siding to emphasize accent areas
  • Aeration openings are hidden in the grooves to keep attics cool and dry while achieving a beautiful, finished appearance

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Siding Style Guide

From basic design to ambitious detail, the ideal home often starts with a personal inspiration. A rich color that draws your eye, or a new twist to an established style. It’s an infusion of craftsmanship and artistry, distinctive in personality from the angles of the rooftop to the color of the front door. Most of all, the ideal home is a familiar and welcoming space, a mix of quality and culture . . . uniquely revealed in the spirit of you.

Get help selecting siding that coordinates beautifully with your exterior.